Previously at FICTION TO FASHION STYLE MAKEOVER… (Look at blogs #1 and #2) it’s about a month ago this time, when Dian made a house call, dived into the depths of my wardrobe, snapped photos of clothing pieces that showed promise, and gave me all the tips on how to declutter and organize my closet. Saying goodbye to pieces I never knew I still had was the first step to making room for new ones. Now, we’ve reached the end of this adventure. We’ve spent a good chunk of time hunting down both vintage finds and fresh picks, integrating them into my existing wardrobe.

The truth is, real change doesn’t happen overnight, but oh, has it been worth the wait!!! My closet has slowly transformed into the dream setup I’ve always imagined it, which is what I would call ‘chic punk’. This style makeover and declutter have been big game changers for me, as I can get very indecisive and overwhelmed with preparing outfits for busy weeks, or not finding what I’m looking for when I’m looking for it. Having “basic pieces” that I can play around with depending on if I’m feeling salty, sour, or fruity is key. You know what I mean? 😉

For me, my style is the extension of how I feel, so Dian made sure there is a spectrum of feelings and accessories available in my closet that I can swing from.

Phtos by @Safia El Maataoui

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