Fiction to fashion?a STYLE MAKEOVER #2

Hey there!

Hope you’ve all had a fabulous start to the year. I’m here, fashionably late, with the second part of my personal style transformation. So, grab your coziest throw and settle in.

Just before the holiday rush, Dian (the founder and stylist of DCC) dropped by my place. She wasn’t just a visitor but a style detective on a mission. She pored over my shelves, rifled through my desk, and dove into the closet abyss—all to piece together the puzzle of me. And she spotted all those hidden treasures I’d totally missed—the ones buried under my “I’ve got nothing to wear” pile. We talked about the importance of decluttering—not just for space but for sanity. She shared some clever organizing tips that will make my mornings a whole lot smoother. No more frantic searches; I’ll know exactly where everything is. Dian photographed my clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories.

Oh, and my books? Dian studied them as if she were gearing up to write my biography, except with clothes. It’s pretty key, I think, to have a stylist who gets your vibe—so the style makeover you end up with and the styling advice you receive isn’t just a generic one-size-fits-all solution but a deeply personalized service that reflects you, anew. AND… a week later, Dian shared the initial version of my mood board. We had a thorough discussion to ensure that our ideas for the style direction were in sync.

Next up, I’ll unveil the polished outcome of my style makeover and give you a glimpse into the select pieces that have found their way into my everyday lineup.

See you soon for the big reveal—ciao for now!

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