après chic: Never go out of style

Hello Lovelies,

Whether you’re seizing the last snowy trails of February, infusing daily attire with mountain chic, or simply cozying up with hot cocoa and iconic vintage vibes, you’re in the right place.

First off, let’s align our fashion compasses. Ski wear isn’t just about battling the cold; it’s a statement piece on the winter runway of the mountains, whispering, ‘I’m cooler than the snow I glide on.’ Are you nodding in agreement? Great, let’s dive in!

Even if your ski skills are more après than action, why not look fabulously frosty while lounging by the fire or dancing on the table?

Layer Up, Fashion Snowman:

When it comes to packing, think ‘strategic chic.’ It’s about blending style with essential comfort. Imagine crafting your very own fashion snowman: base, middle, top. Start with chic thermals, add a snuggly mid-layer, and crown it with that statement ski jacket, boldly declaring, ‘I’m here to slay the slopes.’ And let’s not gloss over the accessories – where function waltzes with fabulous. Picture goggles that scream ‘glam’ and gloves that say ‘Bring it on, cold weather.’

Now, darlings, let me share a few confessions and personal wisdom I’ve gathered on the slopes– because even the most glamorous snow queens need to navigate the powder practically.

On the Subject of Layers: Never, I repeat, never opt for a one-piece suit under your ski jacket. Take it from someone who’s learned the hard way – bathroom breaks can become an Olympic sport of their own! Always go for separate layers, like a sleek thermal top paired with matching tights. They’re your discreet armor against the cold, and they slip off easily when the sun decides to play.

Skin and Hair Care:

Beyond the perfect outfit, let’s not forget the essentials for skin and hair care in the frosty climate. The mountain air can be harsh specially in higher altitudes, so lavish your skin(face and body) with hyaluronic acid, rich moisturizer, and revitalizing oils. Keep your makeup minimal. The real beauty routine starts with skin care.  Remember, your skin is the outfit you never take off—treat it with kindness.

Always pack a ski sunscreen (yes, even in the cold!) – The snow reflects the sun’s rays, making SPF your secret weapon against UV rays. Don’t forget super hydrating sheet masks and an overnight lip mask to keep your face as radiant as fresh snow. After days of braving the cold, my lips were crying out for hydration, and I learned the hard way. Now, I swear by an ultra-rich lip balm regimen—apply religiously before, during, and after skiing.

For your hair, think of hydration and protection. A nourishing hair mask before and during the trip can work wonders. And while beanies and Balaclavas are stylish, they also serve to protect your locks from the cold and wind. Consider braids to keep your locks away from your face and shielded from the frigid air.

Stay hydrated and get beauty sleep:

Staying hydrated is key. The cold can be deceptive, making you forget to drink water. Keep a reusable water bottle handy and sip regularly. High altitudes require acclimatization to keep altitude sickness at bay, so take it easy as you ascend to those breathtaking peaks. Magnesium is your new best friend—be it in supplement form or as a gel to soothe those well-worked muscles. If you’re luxuriating in a hotel, pamper yourself with a spa session or a hot shower, followed by a massage with warm body oils. It’s not an indulgence; it’s a thank-you note to your body for its hard work.

Finally, never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. It’s tempting to enjoy the nightlife, but remember, a rested body is more resilient on the slopes. Balance is key – enjoy the après-ski scene, but also give yourself enough rest to enjoy the daytime adventures.

 So, there you have it – my guide to staying fabulously frosty on and off the slopes. Whether you’re carving your way through powder or sipping on your drink by the fire, remember to do it in style.

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