Laura’s Journey from Fashion Therapy to Self-Expression

Hello Lovelies,

We’ve circled back again, this time with the fabulous Laura, for a fresh personal styling makeover session.

“I needed fashion therapy. I wasn’t a case of someone who needed consulting; I was a patient. Being styled by Dian is like going to therapy—but for your wardrobe,” Laura, our gorgeous client, says.

Laura, a Communications Consultant & Brand Designer in her early 30s, prides herself on a gender-neutral approach to life and style. Entering the DICREATIVECOLLECTIVE studio, she was after a look that was polished yet distinctive. “I’d love to dial up the color and strike a professional yet creative chord,” she mused. Her style icons? French chic with its blend of feminine, cool, and a dash of androgyny, peppered with a touch of grunge-rock flair for good measure.

After her styling experience, Laura had this to share:

“The fashion world once swamped me like a complex foreign dialect. Missing the vocabulary, the grammar, and frankly, the drive, my wardrobe became a patchwork of panic buys and ‘meh’ moments.” Her aversion to shopping led to a disjointed closet, with pieces that whispered memories of retail reluctance.

Sitting down with Dian, I found myself facing a flurry of questions for the first time.”What’s my style story? What silhouettes do I vibe with? What secrets do my clothes spill about me?” Such probing turned style into a soulful dialect which made me see the beauty behind the language of style. It doesn’t have to be something superficial that is to be avoided, it could be a way of communicating my soul to others. I could show my hopes, dreams, and personality, by the revolutionary act of putting on a certain sock! I was sold.

For Laura, who some days aren’t quite sure where she lands on the gender spectrum, Dian’s guidance was a revelation. It was about mixing the masculine with the feminine in a salsa dance, playing with fashion in a way that celebrates both sides.

“I had ideas like ‘splash more color’ but was always held back by outfit anxiety. I’ve always been envious when my friends walk into my wardrobe and piece something together, that I’ve only ever worn in combinations that are a disgrace to the piece of clothing, and then come out looking like goddesses. It was just that, that was missing in me, but mainly because the mere process of dressing myself wasn’t something that had a positive connotation in my brain, but rather a stressful thing I would like to avoid. Something I don’t want to have to think about. Dian gave super practical tips based on my personality. I am never going to be the person who will carefully curate outfits every morning with lots of joy—I would still tend to minimize effort—but what I would want is to be happy with what I put on. And not thinking I look boring or sometimes audacious. And Dian helped me to get this positive outlook on styling myself. On seeing the fun and the flexibility of it. And on started to ask myself questions, almost as an act of self-care.

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