MOONRISE CHIC: Wes Anderson Inspired Looks

Greetings, fashion connoisseurs!

Today, we delve into the enchanting world of Wes Anderson, where whimsy meets sophistication. Wes Anderson’s films are carefully constructed tableaus, consisting of a specific combination of features that today we attempt to mimic. In doing so, one can follow the color scheme, channel the characters’ aesthetics, or even Anderson’s personal style.

Wes Anderson often plays with what is hidden and what is seen in the complexity of his characters. Thanks to his costume designers, Milena Canonero and Juman Malouf, for creating this wearable aesthetics in the films, he can use clothes as a way of adding dimension to the characters. Picture yourself as the protagonist of your cinematic story, and accentuate your personality layers with this configuration:

#1 Color Schemes:

It has been said and done, but first things first: chromatic color schemes are the boldest elements in Anderson’s aesthetic configuration. 

1.1 The iconic muted blue and blush pink: The Grand Budapest Hotel.

1.2 Brown, orange, sunny yellow: Cozy up in the radiance of yellow that radiates warmth.

1.3 Purple, red, and green: Immerse yourself in vibrant hues.

2# Single-Breasted Corduroy Blazers:

To channel Wes Anderson’s personal signature style, think single-breasted blazers and the velvety touch of corduroy as your go-to essentials. Picture yourself strolling through life with that chromatic charisma.

3# Think Signature Red Accessories:

Envision yourself in a red wool hat or beanie like Fred Castleberry, perfectly complementing your elegant suits. And those Carel

crimson-red Mary Janes or carefully selected 1920s-inspired shoes? They’re your exclamation points of elegance.

4# Knee-High Socks:

Socks, you say? We insist on knee-high socks to add a touch of playful sophistication and allow your gorgeous legs to take center stage in those twee dresses.

5# Uniforms:

There’s an enchanting allure in Anderson’s retro uniforms, exemplified by the iconic purple suit worn by Monsieur Gustave H. in ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel.’ Similarly, ‘The Life Aquatic’ draws inspiration from oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, featuring a sky-blue uniform and a signature red beanie. In ‘Moonrise Kingdom,’ you’ll find the traditional Boy Scout uniform. Consider experimenting with vintage-inspired uniforms or incorporating a piece into your outfit to create a bold fashion statement.   

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