Nonchalant Chic: French New Wave Inspired looks

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Welcome to the debut of Dicreative Collective’s bi-weekly blog! This month, we dive into the fusion of cinema and fashion, beginning with the captivating influence of French New Wave films. This era’s charm lies in its celebration of imperfections, radiating an effortlessly cool and timeless attitude. Ready to explore this iconic timeless style with me?

Have you ever felt that your wardrobe no longer quite reflects your essence? You’re not alone. As summer winds down, I scoured my wardrobe in hopes of finding inspiration, but sadly, I found none. However, the spark of inspiration ignited one night as I watched Godard’s ‘Pierrot Le Fou.’ Anna Karina’s romantic, girlish style stirred a nostalgic feeling within me, reminiscent of a younger version of myself. That moment marked the beginning of my journey into exploring French New Wave-inspired looks.

Here, we draw inspiration from iconic female muses in Godard’s films. Ready to infuse your wardrobe with French New Wave flair? Let’s start with three fashion icons:

Anna Karina:

Anna Karina channels the playful spirit of girlhood, all the while embracing the refinement of a truly elegant woman. Anna’s style is a playful mix of vibrant patterns, ruffles, and A-line midi skirts, Sailor cardigans, Cigarette pants. In her looks, bold colors meet minimalistic touches.

1# Go white on white:

Flared white pants paired with a rib-knit white cardigan. Slip into black flats for that effortlessly elegant finish.

2 # Go 60s Girlie Glam:

Wear a shift dress featuring a crisp white collar and cuffs. Complete the look with knee-high black stockings, and choose between flats or the timeless Mary Janes.

3# Dial up the drama:

Give your locks a laissez-faire upgrade with fringe and a hint of volume. Elevate your gaze by generously applying mascara.

Brigitte Bardot:

Bardot’s iconic style in ‘Le Mépris,’ featuring wide fabric ribbons, headbands, and that irresistible cat-eye eyeliner, epitomizes timeless confidence and effortless sophistication. Her style was an extension of her personality, exuding self-assuredness and a sense of liberation.

4# Think “Bardot bangs” and rolled out-of-bed voluminous, and tousled hair.

5# Statement headpieces like bows, headbands, headscarves, or delicate flowers.

6# “Bardot neckline” off-the-shoulder tops, highlighting your shoulders and collarbone.

Jean Seberg:

“New York Herald Tribune”

The most defining feature in Jean Seberg’s iconic look is her short pixie haircut that challenged traditional gender norms of the time. Simplicity, naturalness, and a hint of rebellion define her style.

#7 Embrace the Elegance of Monochrome: Choose Breton stripes and tailored pieces such as cropped pants and blazers, then slip into comfortable ballerina flats for a timeless, nonchalant chic look.

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